Options Online

at Co-op Academy Manchester



We are fast approaching one of the most exciting and important milestones in your child's school career to date. In September, your child will be starting their GCSE courses. This period of a student's school life is called Key Stage 4. Students at the academy follow the National Curriculum and, as they move into Year 9, have some choice in the subjects that they would like to study at Key Stage 4.

Your choice

All students will study English Language and Literature, Maths and Combined Science. All students will take Core PE lessons each week, though you can choose whether your PE lessons are also one of your choices which will lead to a qualification.

We are asking students to choose five options, plus three extra 'back-up' choices.

Informed decisions

The decisions that you and your child make regarding these options may affect their future career pathway and it is vital that both you and your child are fully informed about the learning pathways on offer at the academy.

Up until Tuesday 5 February 2019, your child will be involved in assemblies, careers sessions and experience KS4 lessons in all subject areas to give them a broader understanding of the process enabling them to make an informed decision. They are aware that they have access to specialised careers advice through our advisor Mrs Godfrey and any other member of the academy staff.

Students and their families also have access to the information on the Options Online site, explaining what courses are available and whether they might be right for you.